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How Do You Measure Up

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Why does everyone need this book? Because it is the one stop source of information for success in the kitchen.

Around the world there are thousands of cookery books on sale and numerous recipes in magazines and newspapers.

In recent years many recipe books and magazines have been available between countries, enabling dishes from another country’s cuisine to be enjoyed. Then there are old housecraft books, recipe books and collections of recipes written in note books and on scraps of paper lovingly handed down through the generations.

In order to enjoy any recipe from such a variety of sources, it is essential for the cook to be able to understand the measures given. Recipes are now sometimes found with the ingredients only listed in metric measures. These often have to be converted into Imperial measures or cups so people can make them. Older recipes giving only Imperial measures can be difficult for people to follow who are only familiar with metric measures. Cooks in many countries want to enjoy recipes written using cup measures but do not know the equivalent measures in Imperial or metric. More confusion is caused by the UK ounce being taken as equivalent to 25 grams, while in Australia an ounce is taken as 30 grams. Cup capacities vary between countries and even the pint is different in the UK to the USA.

Converting recipes for success cannot be a straightforward mathematical exercise. Some books and magazines include a small conversion chart, but many of these have been found to be unreliable, resulting in mistakes being made and the recipe not being a success.

It is not just measures of food which can be a problem. Equipment sizes vary too. If a recipe states ‘transfer mixture into a 1 pint basin’ how do you know if the basin you have is the right size. If the recipe states ‘cook cake mixture in a 23 cm square tin, what size is that in Imperial measures and what ingredients do you need for the same recipe made in a round tin? What weight is 1 USA cup of currants? How much almond paste is required to cover various sized cakes? How much food should you serve for a buffet party and how long does it take for turkeys to defrost? The problems are endless, but this book aims to clarify numerous situations to enable all cooks everywhere to enjoy making healthy meals at home.

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